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Most of Us Have a Constant Mental Dialogue with Ourselves
Unfortunately, this self talk is frequently negative. Often it is tainted with guilt about the past or anxiety about the future. This negativity can discourage the hope of achieving our life dreams. Our actions are inspired by our thoughts. If we can change the way we think, we can begin to change the actions we take. It is human nature to seek personal growth; whether financially, emotionally, physically or spiritually. Practicing positive self talk can help us set in motion actions that will bring us greater personal fulfillment.

The First Step is Awareness 
It will be hard to make a change to positive thinking without being keenly aware of the negative thoughts that run through your mind from deeply buried emotions of hurt, anger and fear. This awareness will allow you to bring these negative emotions out into the open so they can be dealt with and resolved. Negative self talk may have developed over years, if, for example, you had a teacher who called you stupid consistently in class, doubts about your abilities may have become buried in your subconscious mind, even though you did not consciously accept or believe what the teacher said.  Your internal chatter might contain deep seated fears that you are not smart enough to complete your school work and will be a failure in life.  These fears of failure may result in having low self esteem. Your negative self talk may begin to include telling yourself that you are a failure and cannot succeed. This could create a mental block preventing you from successfully achieving at your optimal potential and being successful. To counter these ingrained fears, the application of oppositional positive self talk after negative thoughts arise has been shown to have an immediate moderating effect. Positive affirmations set in motion more enduring antithetical corrective approach.

Oppositional Positive Self Talk, as an Immediate Response, Acutely Counters Negative Internal Dialogue 
When you become aware of self disparaging internal commentary, a quick counter response of positive self talk can provide rapid alleviation of your internalized fears.  For example, if your self talk informed you that you were a "fool" for passing up an opportunity that later proved to be successful, you might counter with the thought, " I am not a fool but rather a person who made the best choice at the time. Yes I am not infallible, but most of the time I make good choices.  In fact, I am proud of myself for making so many insightful decisions in my life.  I like myself and am happy to be who I am!" By countering inner criticism at the moment of its composition, you devalue its impact on your life.

Affirmations are Positive Statements of a Desired Outcome or Goals
They are usually short, believable and focused. By repeating them will allow you to make new neural pathways in your brain and subconscious mind, opening up the possibility of a new avenues of positive thought. It is essential that the affirmations are repeated daily and with heartfelt belief and emotional conviction to maximize their positive effect. For instance, in response to the thought that you are inadequate, you might say,"I may not have all the answers to the questions of my life, but I know that I am smart and determined enough to face whatever life situations arise. I am a capable, competent person who is determined to learn from my mistakes, enhance my personal growth and fulfill my goals."

Visualize your own Life Ambitions as a Biographical Movie in which You Successfully Complete all Your Life Goals
Negative self talk generates continuous criticisms that can ultimately limit your belief in yourself. As an assertive response, it will be helpful to create your own story with extensive visualizations that portrays the successful completion of your life goals.  This personalized movie of your life of fulfillment, will, when repeated often enough in your mind, begin to internalize your goals and dreams, as though they had already been achieved.

Eliminate Negative Influences
in your life, especially people who are unsupportive of your dreams and goals. Instead cultivate friends who will empower your aspirations and positively impact your self talk.

Focus on the Present to Fulfill Your Long Term Goal 
The anxiety of life's complexity and responsibility may seem overwhelming. Paying attention to the present will address immediate needs and positively affect future goals. This can change self talk from being future anxiety driven to a more manageable positive presence in your life.

Do Not Let Fear Limit Your Success
You are scared of taking chances because you fear changing the routine of your life even if it is not satisfying. You try to convince yourself that you are happy in your current state when in fact, you are not. Your self talk may sound positive in your attempt to lie to yourself. But somehow, there is an inner knowing that you are short changing your life. When you confront your fears, you will often realize that the benefits of change are worth the risk. The more you the practice positive self talk exercises, the more fulfilling your life will become.

Focus on Enjoyable Moments
It is much easier to have a positive attitude if you focus on the enjoyable moments in life rather than the difficult ones. While there will inevitably be challenges, life consists of ups and downs and the good times are forged through by challenges. So choose to fill your mind with positive images and thoughts. Make it a conscious habit. Simply bring your mind back to positive thoughts every time it goes astray in negative ones. For a start, if you can be grateful for what you presently have, your self talk will also change to be in alignment with one of joy.

Ultimate Joy and Fulfillment
Replacing self talk from negative to more positive takes commitment and consistency. By following the positive self talk suggestions, exercises and examples, you will experience an improvement in the quality of your life. The rewards may include greater self empowerment leading to happiness, peace, and joy, reaching your highest potential and achieving success in you life goals and dreams. 
May your life be the fulfillment of your highest expectations and hopes!

Self Talk refers to the ongoing internal conversation with ourselves, which influences how we feel and behave.

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